Friday, June 15, 2012



July 25

We just said goodbye to Stellan.

July 26

The famous “Adenosine NOW” Tweet and photo. MckMama snaps a picture while three nurses stop her child’s heart, and sends the photo to strangers on the Internet.

July 27

It’s bad. Our parents and families are on their way.

Stellan comes back from the brink of death, back from it’s bad, the family has been called in and Stellan is being airlifted to Boston and trying to not think about what happens if it’s too late to go to Boston, and miraculously, goes home on August 3rd.

To celebrate, two days later on August 5th, Mckmama, her husband and three of her children go to California on vacation. Where’s Stellan? Who is with him for this extended vacation to California? And what kind of mother would leave her child who, a week earlier was “dying,” to go on a damn vacation??

Some facts from July/August:
• MckMama Tweeted 29 times on July 26, while her son laid “dying.” She wrote 1-3 blog posts a day and Twitpic’d her baby’s discomfort to strangers.
• MckMama Tweeted 34 times on July 27; same deal.
• She averaged 25 Tweets a day the rest of his visit.
• In the entire week Stellan was in the hospital, with 15,000+ Twitter followers praying and commenting on her hundreds of Tweets and posts, MckMama only responded to two Tweets: Dr. Phil and his wife, Robin.

But really, she cares about the followers. You’re why she Tweeted hundreds of times while he was in the hospital; not because she needed the attention or money or notoriety. It was all about Stellan, and you, the faithful follower. Really.